Chau Doc Travel Guide

Chau Doc Transportation

  Transportation in Chau Doc Chau Doc is one of the main entry points from Vietnam to Cambodia, and, along with Long Xuyen, one of the key regional centres of the An Giang province. As such, there are a number of different transportation options, both to other cities within Vietnam, and also over the border […]

Chau Doc Shopping

  Shopping in Chau Doc Since it is a market town, the shopping in Chau Doc and Long Xuyen is characterized by a larger than usual selection of merchandise. There is a large produce and consumables market, which tends to sell everything from local fruits and vegetables to black market goods smuggled in from┬áCambodia and […]

Chau Doc Restaurants

  Food & Cuisine in Chau Doc Chau Doc has a unique cuisine with the fusion of several different culinary traditions from its diverse population. Standard Vietnamese cuisine is common, but a lot of the dishes in Chau Doc have been influenced by the cuisine of nearby countries. Chau Doc is famous for its huge […]

Chau Doc Travel Guide

Chau Doc is right on the border with Cambodia, and was actually a part of Cambodia until the eighteenth century. The city has large Cham, Khmer and Chinese communities, each with their own distinct temples. Chau Doc is also well known for the nearby Sam Mountain, which features a number of Buddhist temples. Chau Doc […]