Chau Doc Restaurants


Food & Cuisine in Chau Doc

Chau Doc has a unique cuisine with the fusion of several different culinary traditions from its diverse population. Standard Vietnamese cuisine is common, but a lot of the dishes in Chau Doc have been influenced by the cuisine of nearby countries.

Chau Doc is famous for its huge variety of fish sauces!

This Chau Doc Restaurants Guide lists some of the restaurants that you may wish to try out when you are in Chau Doc or Long Xuyen. For more information about Vietnamese cuisine, take a look at our Vietnam Restaurants Guide. Don’t forget to complete the experience with a trip down to the marketplaces. More information on those, and other places to shop, can be found in our Chau Doc Shopping Guide.

Chau Doc Restaurant Guide

Southern meals feature the widest range of ingredients and are usually accompanied by a light, clear broth to cleanse the palate. Pork and chicken are popular, and chillies are used extensively. Southern food can be very spicy!

The cuisine of the city is also influenced by neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Laos. Although Chau Doc plays host to many overseas visitors, it doesn’t really have an expat population, and as such there are not really any restaurants offering a specific non-Vietnamese cuisine.

If you’re craving a taste of home, you may wish to check out the restaurants attached to many of the hotels. Many of the mid-range Chau Doc hotels  usually offer at least some “Western” dishes, and smaller hotels and Chau Doc guesthouses will normally be able to offer at least something non-Vietnamese. However, expect it to be a Vietnamese version of what you’re used to. For higher class western food you could try the luxury hotels in Chau Doc, although expect to pay substantially more than at the restaurants around town.

We would instead recommend trying some of the local places around town. Many will often have a handy English menu. We have collected a short list of restaurants and eateries in Chau Doc and Long Xuyen to give you a place to start.

However, please keep in mind that some of the heartiest, tastiest and most nutritious food in Chau Doc, Long Xuyen and all through Vietnam, is served from nameless roadside stalls that appear on the sidewalk around 17:00, and then disappear around midnight.

Place to eat in Chau Doc

Mekong floating (41 Street of Le Loi; lunch & dinner) Located directly opposite the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, this restaurant has a large covered section or an outdoor area m front of the gracefully decaying old villa. A good spot for Vietnamese greatest hits at affordable prices.

Lam Hung Ky (71 Street of Chi Lang;) There’s a strip ol Chinese restaurants on Chi Lang, including the busy I,am Hung Ky, complete with the usual strung-up ducks and chickens. It serves good tood, despite the menu ottering misleadingly unappetising items like ‘instant boiled assorted meats’.

Bay Bong (22 Street of Thuong Dang Le; lunch & dinner) It doesn’t look like much, but the food is really something. According to Mekong explorer Le Van Sinh, it’s the best in the delta, specializing in hotpots and soups, as well as fresh fish dishes. Try the ca kho to (stewed fish in a clay pot) or fan/i chua (sweet-and-sour soup).

Bassac Restaurant (32 Street of Le loi) The most sophisticated dining experi­ence in Chau Doc is to be found here at the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel. The menu includes some delightfully presented Vietnamese food, as well as a wonderful selection of in­ternational dishes to make the mouth water. Desserts are devilish or there is more simple fare at the Bamboo Bar.

Other options:

Thanh Tinh (13 Street of Quang Trung;) This place translates as ‘to calm the body down’ and it will do just that for vegetarians looking for a reliable menu.

Truong Van (15 Street of Quang Trung;) Nothing fancy here, just good Vietnamese food at decent prices.