Chau Doc Travel Guide

Chau Doc is right on the border with Cambodia, and was actually a part of Cambodia until the eighteenth century. The city has large Cham, Khmer and Chinese communities, each with their own distinct temples. Chau Doc is also well known for the nearby Sam Mountain, which features a number of Buddhist temples.

Chau Doc is a busy market town, and is famous for its pickles, dried meats and palm sugar.

This Chau Doc Destination Guide gives a brief background on Chau Doc and the surrounding region, including Sam Mountain. General information about Vietnam can be found by visiting our Vietnam Country Guide. Details about the local attractions and general things to see and do in Chau Doc, Long Xuyen and Sam Mountain are available on our Chau Doc Tours page.

Things to See & Do in Chau Doc

1.  Nui Sam (Sam Mountain)

About five kilometres (three miles) southwest of Chau Doc is Nui Sam, a large, rocky hill that is inundated with various sanctuaries, temples and tombs which give the hill a honeycomb-like appearance. The three main attractions of Nui Sam are Tay An Pagoda, Lady Chua Xu Temple and the Tomb of Thoai Ngoc Hau, and many tourists only see these three.

However, if you are willing to walk to the top of the hill, you will be granted an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. The land in this region is some of the most fertile and productive in all of Vietnam, a fact that can be appreciated from the vantage point at the top of Nui Sam.

2. Chau Phu Temple

In 1926, the Chau Phu Temple was built for locals to worship Thoai Ngoc Hau. Thoai Ngoc Hau was the man responsible for the construction of the Chau Doc Canal located nearby, which defines the border with Cambodia.

3. Catholic Church

Constructed in 1920, the small Catholic church in Chau Doc is located near the FB Phu Hiep ferry terminal, at Lien Tinh Lo 10. The church is quite interesting and is definitely worth a quick visit. Masses are held daily at both 5 am and 5 pm, as well as regular Sunday services that are held at 7 am and 4 pm.

4. Chau Giang Mosque

The Chau Giang Mosque is the local place of worship for the district’s Cham Muslim community. In order to get there, you should head to the Chau Giang terminal, and then take a ferry across the Hau River.

5. Trà Sư  Cajuput Forest

+ Location: Tra Su Forest is located in Vinh Trung Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province.
+ Characteristics: Coming to Tra Su Forest, people will have a chance to enjoy precious moments living in harmony with nature as well as the wholesome atmosphere.
The forest has been restored since 1983 with a current extension area of 700 hectares. This ecological spot is the habitat of many genera of water birds (mostly storks), colonies of bats and various rare animal and bird species. Especially tourists will be flabbergasted by small houses on stilts with rudimentary bamboo ceilings that are firmly tightened to cajuput trees, making an unusual existence in the quiet ambience of the forest. They are actually restoration work of a provincial-level revolutionary base of the An Giang people and soldiers in the glorious struggle against the US imperialists.
Standing on a 10m high watch tower in the midst of the forest, tourists can enjoy a panorama of the vast greenery spotted with the white of storks below. Turtles, snakes, as well as other reptiles and freshwater fishes are also abundant in the canals.

6. Tuc Dup Hill

Standing some 300m high, Tuc Dup Hill ( Tuc Dup means “night water” in Khmer) is located western of the foot of Co To Mount and That Son Range which belongs to An Tuc commune, Tri Ton district, about 62km from Long Xuyen city (along the national highway No.91 to Lo Te crossroad, turning left into the rovincial road No.984. Tuc Dup became a famous fighting base in the time being against American. During 128 days, the enemy who had a very powerful military force such as fighting jets, artillery and infantry did not defeat our determined fighting will. In the result, American was defeated. Thus, a terrible name was heard “2 million – dollar hill” (the sum of money that American paid for bullets and bombs)

7. Cam “Forbiden” Mountain

The majestic mountain places itself imposingly in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta on the altitude of 710m. The panoramic view of Great Buddha Pagoda (in An Binh, An Hao Commune)Cam Mountain from Vo Bo  Hong Peak presents a great valley surrounded by rolling mountains in the Thien Cam Son chain such as Vo Dau, Vo Bo Hong, Vo Thien Tue, etc. Endowed with such spectacular mountainous terrain, Cam Mountain is considered as a Dalat (a famous highland resort) in the Mekong Delta. The mountain has a year-round cool climate, original natural spots associated with interesting, heart-warming legends and myths that lure increasing numbers of tourists and vacationers.

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1 Hung Vuong St., Long Xuyen Town.
Tel: 841 267

Chau Doc Hospital
5 Le Loi St., Chau Doc Town, An Giang province
Tel: 688 278